Thursday, 18 December 2008

A seasonal message from Sir Michael Ram - Director of Patio Industries

My dear colleagues

What a terrific year it's been for Patio Industries.

The company has enjoyed sustained growth in all markets quarter-on-quarter for the first time in its history, so I’d like to take this opportunity to look back on 2008 and everything that happened.

The year started well with Kinky Ringtone’s unforgettable single Don’t Stop the Music; it Isn’t All That Late By Most People’s Standards, Especially for a Saturday storming clubs from Shoreditch High Street to Old Street. This generated some much-needed publicity for the label and gave us our first underground hit since The Bipolar Bears’ track No Ecstasy (You’re Not My Brother; I’ve Never Met You Before) way back in the 3rd summer of love, 1998.

Spring saw the much-anticipated release of The Gay Deceivers’ Best Of compilation, reminding us of gems such as Shit Ur Titz Off, It’s the Gay Deceivers!!! and Peter. With 2008 being such a big year for reunion tours, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we can coax the boys back together. I heard that Davy Gay’s cheese crop failed this year, so he may need those nostalgia dollars! Just kidding, Davy’s doing fine.

On a personal note, this year also saw the birth of my first child, back in July. I’m pleased to say that little Sally Ram has grown into a stout young thing and with her impressive vocal chords, we’ll make a screamo-punk out of her yet! Just kidding, I would hate that.

2008 was also a big year for our label super-group The Patio Set. The brainchild of a late night on the Kahlua for me and Gary John, The Patio Set brought together members of four of our less successful acts – The Hipster Slacks, Art Deco Gecko, The Council of Despair and Sable Corndog – and pushed them through the door marked ‘Prog’. We’re very proud of what The Patio Set have achieved this year and look forward to them actually recording something sometime next year.

Last week’s Seasonal Festive Celebration at the Boom Bar rounded the year off in fine Patio Industries style, with a really stonking DJ set from Alan Allah Mode, and even a few tracks chosen by Yours Truly.

So in summary, thanks for all your hard work this year, and let’s look forward to a profitable 2009! As you know, my door is always open to those with a scheduled appointment and Sarah and I would love to see any of you for a glass of port over the holidays.

Warmest regards

Sir Michael Ram

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