Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Drummer Patio's OFFICIAL! top 5 albums of 2008

1. TV on the Radio - Dear Science

The sound of post 9/11 urban alienation mixed with hope for a brighter future after Bush, apparently.

Or is it just some great guitar music that you can also dance to? I like this a lot, especially the line about having "the mirror call the cops" because things have got so damn nasty in the bedroom. However, I've only had it for a month, unlike the other records on this list, so may get bored of it yet.

2. My Bloody Valentine – Loveless

I discovered this in March, on the back of the reunion hype and it made my listening year. Ironic since the live show nearly destroyed my hearing. Never take a macho approach to ear-plugs.

3. Deerhoof - Offend Maggie

This is the first Deerhoof album I've heard. Other people seem underwhelmed by it, but I think it's great, especially 'My Purple Past'. I quite like her stupid child voice as well. Much more so than Joanna Newsom. Amazing drum sound, drum fans.

4. Man Man - Rabbit Habits

Saw Man Man do a great show at ATP this year. Unfortunately left it early to catch the underwhelming show by my number 5 choice. This album has so much life and sense of fun, that it gives me more of a lift than any number of tic-tacs. And right in the middle of the xylophone and trombone vaudeville mayhem, there's Doo Right, a wonderful throaty love song.

5. Vampire Weekend

Well it's on everyone else's lists so it MUST be good. Right?

As a friend put it, Vampire Weekend are the Kula Shaker of 2008.

I hope that's enriched your experiences of those records, and just maybe opened some doors you might never have even found. Just a guy trying to make a difference.

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Well said your friend on Vampire Weekend - check out the Devil's thoughts on Vampire Weekend at . It's far from complimentary