Monday, 26 January 2009

Beet Roots and Leaves

Check out these cheeky snaps of PatioSetUK's featured reader's wife, Gareth John.

He'll be telling you a little bit about how to make Beetroot Soup. Needless to say he can beet/beat our soup whenever he wants. ROFL. Or our roots for that matter.

(having only taken photos of the second half of my venture, you will have to imagine the first half. I've also forgotten the ingredients, so you'll have to imagine those too)

So, by now you will be boiling your ingredients over a heat with water on them.

Ensure that they remain so.

Take out your pickled gherkins and, bear with me...


Stir in with GOATS' CHEESE until the two are mixed.

It looks shit, but that's cos I ain't got a good camera. In the light of day the rich, anaemic greens of the gherkins and the dull grey of the cheese are a feast for the eyes. Not just the stomach.

Return to your hot canister of INGREDIENTS and turn the hot air underneath it off.

Put it in one of these and, at this point, forget to take anyt photographs. This will ensure that the most exciting part of your evening (read: week) will not be documented.

The lid of your thing should look like this

Then simply pour it all in to nice Ikea bowls that your landlord bought and put the weird cheese and gherkin thing in.

Cloak your soup in shadow and consume with what looks like the end of a snooker cue.

I hope this helps!!!

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