Friday, 5 September 2008

w/Pete Doherty

It all comes down to ratios. Last night we had them right for the first time. Like most bands just starting out, we rely on friends and friends of friends to make up our audience. Who else is going to come? So the ratio of known to unknown fans is at best 50:50, at worst around 40:10. Last night it was a magnificent estimated 6:250!

We supported Pete Doherty at the Rhythm Factory. There was a barrier to keep back the throng. There was a throng. Some people danced and jumped about. The ends of songs were greeted not just with clapping and low whistles, but with cheering. Our cds were snapped up and there weren't enough for demand.

So, despite the fact he has no idea he did it, we're pretty grateful to P.DididdyOherty for giving us our first shot of playing a big(ish) crowd. In fact it was ace promoter Vis the Spoon who gave us the shot, but had Pete not decided to play these low key gigs, the opportunity wouldn't have been there anyway. So thanks Pete, thanks Vis the Spoon, and may it be the foundation on which a spectacular patio is laid.

PS Photos to follow

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